Marketing with the CSIA

CSIA Members are leaders.

Like teachers of any kind, they are highly influential role models for this community. They have the latest gear, have been to the coolest places and have the best stories. The influence that this select group has on the marketplace is tangible and real and an opportunity that you don’t want to let pass by. CSIA members travel more. They go to more resorts. They rent/own condos. They are involved in training/fitness. Associate your brand with people that others look up to for advice already.

The next time you are on the ski hill and you look out and see someone making the best turns at Mach 10 or shredding the moguls while others struggle around them and you think ‘I want to look like that some day’ … chances are they are a member of the CSIA. They have the skills and the audience of skiers that you want to reach. If they are using your products, you are on the fast track to success within the ski industry.



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