Yesterday we were deeply honoured to receive this heartfelt email from Mr. Doug Howell, proud father of Ms. Dara Howell, CSIA member and Canadian Olympic Ski Slopestyle gold medalist:


‘’It is in a huge part to CSIA Ontario and your Park and Pipe program (can’t remember exact name, but I know one of the Course Conductors was Dave Stewart) that Dara got involved in the freestyle sport. At age 15, Dara did her Level 1 Instructor Course in December of 2009 and the Park and Pipe program in January of 2010. Dara is still an active member of the CSIA and follows in the footsteps of instruction like her 90-year-old grandfather Ken Raven, her father Doug Howell, and brother Brett Howell. Her uncle Bruce Howell (Snow School Director at Hidden Valley) and cousins Luke and Ben Howell’’.

CSIA Ontario congratulates Dara Howell on her Olympic Slopestyle Ski Gold medal. Dara is proud of her skiing roots in Ontario and her connection to the CSIA. Dara is an active member of the CSIA and follows a long line of instructors in her family. Her 90 year old grandfather, Ken Raven, was the first CSIA member in the family, followed by her father Doug Howell, her uncle Bruce Howell (Snow School Director at Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area in Huntsville), her brother Brett Howell and her cousins Luke and Ben Howell. Dara achieved her CSIA Level 1 in December of 2009 and her Park and Pipe, with coach Dave Stewart, in January 2010. Follow Dara on Facebook and Twitter (@DaraHowell) and shout out your support!