With the roll-out of the new CSIA National website, we wanted to provide some detailed instructions on how to register for a Level 1 course. If you run into any technical difficulties with the website along the way, please call the CSIA National office at 1 (800) 811-6428 for assistance.

It is strongly recommended you use a computer for the sign-up process. Some steps may not work correctly on a phone or tablet.

Finding a Course

  1. Go to CSIA National’s site at snowpro.com in your browser and click on Become a Member. Or click here and skip to step 4.
  2. Level 1 Instructions - 1

  3. Scroll down to Ready to register and click to see the schedule.
  4. Level 1 Instructions: Ready to Register

  5. Click on Regions, then Ontario, Select, and finally click the Search.
  6. Optionally, you can click on Mountains to select or search for a specific resort you want to take your course at.
  7. Once you have found the course you want to take, click the Register button, and follow the steps below to create an account and finalize your registration.

Creating an Account

  1. Click the start button on the right to create a profile.
  2. Level 1 Instructions: Start Button

  3. Enter the participant information requested to create an account. If you are registering for a child or someone other than yourself, be sure to enter their name and date of birth.
    • Under Profile or License Number, check the I don’t have one box.
  4. Level 1 Instructions: Profile Info

  5. Click the Validate Information button
  6. The “no profile information found” popup will appear. Click OK.
  7. Level 1 Instructions: Validated Info Popup

  8. Your member number has been created. Choose a password, and confirm it, then click create my user account and continue.Level 1 Instructions: Create user account
  9. A popup will appear, confirming your account has been created. Click OK.
  10. Enter your address and contact information. If you have CASI member number (snowboard instructors), or ACA Coach number, you can click the add button at the bottom to link your accounts.
  11. Click Next to save your information.

Course Registration

  1. If have never taken the Level 1 before, click the left-most Registration button, under “Full length program”. If you have taken the Level 1 already, and need to re-test a portion, choose the appropriate option (ski or teach) on the right side.
    • If you need to re-test both components, sign up for either the ski or teach re-test, and contact level1ontario@snowpro.com to be registered as retest for the other component (no additional cost is required).

  2. Fill out the participant and parent/guardian names (if required) to confirm agreement to the waiver, then click OK.
  3. Click Begin my application
  4. Verify your information, and click next step
  5. Choose which emails you would like to receive from CSIA. You must select yes or no for each option.
  6. Scroll down and enter your spoken and written languages; then click Next step
  7. Level 1 Instructions: Communication Preferences

  8. Read and click to agree to the waiver, and click Next step
  9. Read and click to agree to the code of ethics, and click Submit
  10. You will now see your shopping cart. Confirm you have the correct course, and click Confirm order and proceed to checkout.
  11. Click to confirm you have read and understand the cancellation policy, then click Pay the invoice
  12. Enter your billing information, and click Submit payment

After you have successfully paid, you will receive email confirmation of your registration. Enjoy your Level 1 course!

For further information on what to expect, see the Level 1 description, course guide and video content. You will also receive an email with details on how to complete the E-prep online learning module prior to your course.