CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame members welcome Rick Greaves at the 2014 Awards Dinner.

C.S.I.A. Ontario is proud to announce the newest member of the Ontario Hall of Fame.  Rick was officially inducted into the Hall of Fame at this year’s AGM and Awards Dinner held on May 29th, with the following introduction by fellow Ontario Hall of Fame member Doug Leeming:

With an impressive career history of teaching and coaching in Ontario, Rick is a certified Level 3 and CSCF Level 2 Instructor/Coach.  Spending many of his day teaching at Glen Eden and Mount St. Louis Moonstone since the mid-70’s, Rick is known for the passion he brings to our sport.

An avid racer, Rick got into semi-profession racing in the 1970s and early 1980s.  This continued with his involvement with the Molstar Program, coaching with MHRC, racing with the MHRC Masters Program and chairing the AOS Masters Racing Committee.

Rick has dedicated 14 years of his time and talent to both our Ontario and National Board of Directors, holding important positions as Treasurer and Vice Chair.  Continuing to support the Alliance, he remains involved in conventions, on-hill and off-hill training events and social activities where he connects with the many friends he has within the ski community.

Thank you Rick for your outstanding contribution to the sport of skiing.

For more information on the C.S.I.A. Ontario Hall of Fame and Ontario awards, please click here.